One of the reasons people are afraid to seek help is because of the high alcohol rehab costs Edinburgh.

Rehabilitation from alcohol misuse and abuse often costs a pretty penny and not everybody is able to afford it.

Our aim is to help you understand that there are different options to choose from when considering rehab facilities in Edinburgh.

With this wide variety, we're able to find you a facility that is affordable and one that offers the best treatment and care.

Before you can look at how much the different facilities charge for detox and rehab, you must first determine how much you have to spend on getting better.

Some people don’t have to worry about alcohol rehab costs Edinburgh because they have health insurance that covers treatment.

However, others need to pay out of pocket and therefore choose the facility based on how much they have to spend.

Withdrawal Symptoms

The more severe or intense the withdrawal symptoms, the more it will probably cost to get rehab services.

Some withdrawal symptoms are physical and can be a threat to your wellbeing.

Others are mental and equally threaten your wellbeing. To estimate alcohol rehab costs Edinburgh some facilities consider the medication, psychiatrist consultations or visits and the amount of care you will need during detox.

People who require inputs from psychiatrists and a lot of medication could end up paying more than those who don’t.

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Severity of Addiction

Another factor that determines alcohol rehab costs Edinburgh is the extent of alcohol abuse.

Apart from the intensity of withdrawal symptoms, the severity of addiction also determines how long you need to go through detox and therapy.

For first-timers who have never gone through alcohol treatment, you have a number of things to identify. For instance: what triggers you, do you have a history of alcohol abuse in your family, how suitable is your home environment and what role does it play in your recovery?

All this might take some time to unpack and will probably lead to a longer treatment process compared to someone who’s already gone through rehab before.

Additionally, those who have a higher dependence on alcohol will go through a longer treatment process compared to those whose addiction might be in the initial stages.

In general, the longer the detox and/ or treatment process, the more expensive it will be.

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Inpatient Vs Outpatient

A vital determinant of alcohol rehab costs Edinburgh is the type of treatment you choose, that is, inpatient or outpatient.

The former always costs more because it requires admission.

The choice between the two is usually determined by the severity of withdrawal symptoms and alcohol addiction.

We have a good number of facilities that we can recommend.

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Alcohol rehab costs Edinburgh shouldn’t scare you away. With our help, you can find an affordable facility and still enjoy high quality care.

Furthermore, some facilities work in partnership with foundations and donors who pay for your treatment if you have met certain requirements.

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