Alcohol Recovery & Rehab

Sadly, alcohol misuse has grown common over the years in Edinburgh. 

People suffer without knowing they can access alcohol recovery options in Edinburgh.

If you, your friend or loved one is suffering from alcohol abuse, you can access treatment options through our service.

We have access to various rehab centres and treatment clinics in Edinburgh and can help guide you through the process.

Alcoholism Causes & Rehab

There are many causes of alcohol abuse.

With an increase in the expectations which come with time and age, some people find it hard to cope without help from alcohol.

Some young people fall into the pattern of alcohol abuse as they try to keep up with their peers. Hence, the addiction appears as a form of 'social learning'.

Others are predisposed to addiction because of family history. Therefore, it only takes a few episodes with alcohol, to learn "alcohol is the way to feel better"..."this is the way to feel good enough"....or "this is the way to feel worthy/important/etc."

Do you recognise these in yourself, or a loved one?

  • Slurred speech, clumsiness and other physical signs of abusing alcohol in everyday situations
  • Missing appointments as a result of alcohol use
  • Making excuses to get out of day to day commitments, as a result of alcohol abuse
  • Stealing money or other deceptive behaviours as a result of alcohol intake
  • Denial, anger, anxiety, or even aggression, when asked if you have issues with alcohol?

Whatever the cause and symptoms, we help you find easy access and admission to various addiction recovery treatment options in and around Edinburgh.

With professional help and monitoring, you can get better, understand the underlying patterns, and break the pattern of alcohol abuse for good.

Treatment Program

Before you are admitted to any facility, they'll usually complete a pre-admission assessment over the phone to determine various integral factors that might be causing, correlating, or encouraging alcohol addiction.

The information gathered helps to tailor your rehab treatment program, and experience, in the clinic.

At Edinburgh Rehab Centre we help you through these initial stages to ensure that your rehab starts as soon as possible, so you can get better faster.

The process of admitting for alcohol help can feel daunting. Who really wants to give up their coping mechanism? It's usually only by recognising the damage being caused to the life of the alcoholic, and those around him/her - the negative consequences - that provides sufficient motivation to change.

If you're dealing with an individual in denial, who refuses to get help, it's difficult. The individual has developed a tolerance and dependence on alcohol over a long period and sees it as the only way to cope with life.

Reinforcing with them, conversationally, the positives of getting help, and the negatives of not taking action, can help.

Where do they really see life in 6 months, if they don't get help now?

It's important to realise the consequences of not admitting to treatment in Edinburgh. What support will no longer be there? Whose trust will be lost.

In recovery, as you connect with support, your sponsor, your peers in recovery, how will that feel? What will you be seeing, hearing, and feeling? How proud of yourself will you be, when you take responsibility, and seek help to get better?

Recovering from alcohol addiction, like other rehabilitation processes, follows three major steps. These are:

  • Detoxification & Withdrawal

When someone has been dependent on alcohol for a while, it isn’t a good idea to stop ‘cold turkey.’ An alcohol addict will suffer from withdrawal symptoms once alcohol use is discontinued. These symptoms start can about 6-24 hours after use is discontinued, and can last a week or even more.

Withdrawal symptoms can be physical: sweating profusely, shaking and high or low blood pressure. They can also be mental: delusions or hallucinations. These symptoms can be dangerous if they aren’t addressed and handled in a clinic.

Alcohol detox entails taking medication which reduces the pain or intensity of the withdrawal symptoms. The medication is usually prescribed by the appropriate medical professional within the rehab clinic. Furthermore, you are under the care of addiction healthcare professionals who monitor you through the process.

  • Rehabilitation Program

Although recovery from alcoholism in Edinburgh is multi-pronged, one of the integral parts or treatment is rehab therapy.

These sessions help to identify your problem area, trigger, patterns and any family history with alcohol abuse. Discovering these things and the role they play informs your recovery.

Identifying and assessing the underlying emotional discord, that fuels your addiction, is critical to long term success, as simply admitting for a fast detox, may be more likely to result in a relapse.

Through continued treatment therapy, you learn to recognize your triggers and how to address them when they arise. You are also able to break free of unhealthy patterns that lead back to alcohol misuse and abuse.

You can identify and acknowledge the associations and influences on your alcohol use, that peers and family may have had. This helps to recognise and make distinctions between positive influences, that will support your long term recovery, and negative ones, who enabled your addiction.

Inpatient treatment on one of our partner clinics is recommended for more severe cases of alcohol abuse. During this time, you are removed from your ‘using’ environment and housed in a place that is free from alcohol and triggers.

Everyone in a residential clinic is on the same journey. This way, it is easier to wean off the dependence on alcohol.

  • Aftercare

We strive to ensure that every recommended facility offers appropriate aftercare. This should be needs-oriented, and address any additional needs you may have. It should also include a practical plan for your recovery, in day-to-day life.

If you still need to go to counseling, these aftercare services are available.

For best results, aftercare should be personalised to you and your needs, as well as the discoveries you've made about your addiction whilst in a clinic.

Furthermore, you need to be part of a community that helps to stay sober. AA meetings are often recommended to help keep you on track, and work witha sponsor on an ongoing basis.

Why Rehab?

Looking for rehab in Edinburgh isn’t an easy task. When you are looking for help, you need to find it as soon as possible before the addicted individual changes their mind. Sometimes, if the cycle of alcoholism is allowed to continue, it can have disastrous impacts on the individual and their family.

We offer advice and options on the fastest ways to access treatment options.

  • Variety Of Facilities

We have a variety of facilities that you can choose from. There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to Edinburgh facilities. Some people prefer outpatient facilities while others lean toward inpatient ones. You can also consider options provided by Edinburgh healthcare addiction teams.

Some people prefer to have their own space while undergoing treatment while others don’t mind being around other people.

When it comes to cost, some don’t have much to spend on rehab while others have no problem with high costs. With our variety of facilities, you can pick one which suits your needs and preferences.

  • Personal Attention

We know how easy it is to get lost in a sea of people at a facility. This is why we only recommend facilities that are not overcrowded and where your individual needs are catered to.

Typically, a smaller, more personal facility will usually provide a more personal standard of care.

In bigger clinics, with high turnover of clients, it's easy to become lost in the crowd, and your needs and therapeutic can suffer as a result.

We know the difference between facilities and can match you to the most appropriate, depending on your needs, budget, location, and desired speed of admission to treatment.

Likewise, where no budget is available, we can advise on the most accessible options for you or a loved one.

No matter where you decide to get help, a smaller, more personalised approach can mean the difference between making huge insights (and progress on your addiction) and making none at all.

Rehab Costs

Depending on your budget, the severity of dependence on alcohol, concurrent drug, and alcohol abuse, living situation, and length of treatment, getting help in Edinburgh can incurr varying costs. 

Our goal is to provide rehab costs options for patients. That way, you are able to access treatment regardless of the aforementioned factors. 

However, costs will vary from clinic to clinic, and vary depending on your needs. This in turn depends on multiple factors, including history of alcohol abuse, detox history, current intake, and health issues. The easiest option is to contact us directly to discuss your unique situation.

For those who don’t have money, there are facilities that offer subsidized or free treatment. This, however, is dependent on fulfilling certain characteristics. We always present the various options to people before they can settle on a particular facility in the vicinity.

  • Personalised Approach

The partner clinics on our list offer personalized detox and treatment.

All of this is determined through your first consultation or interview.

The facilities personalize a program for each patient so that one can get better as soon as possible.

This is very important because people are not alike. Whilst everyone in an alcohol clinic presents with addiction, not all the underlying causes are the same.

Administering the exact same treatment to different people would, therefore, be ineffective.

  • Getting Help

Your wellness is our priority.

We have structures in place to help you through the whole process: from consultation to admission, treatment, and aftercare.

Once you contact us, we expedite your admission and detoxification and treatment can start in 48 hours or even less, in some cases.

We understand that alcohol abuse can cause a strain on relationships, under-performing at work, reckless behavior and increased anxiety and agitation as the alcoholic seeks out access to their coping mechanism constantly. To get better, you need help from professionals.

This is why we have different options so that you are able to find a facility that will help you through rehabilitation. 

The most common concerns re alcoholism treatment we hear every day are:

  • Cost - What budget do I need for treatment?
  • Location - Is there a centre near me?
  • Urgency - How quickly can I access treatment?

We can help with all these. The question is - are you ready for help?

Ring Edinburgh Rehab Centre direct on 0131 510 3327 for more information and guidance as you seek out Edinburgh options for treatment.

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