Edinburgh Rehab Centre is a 100% telephone based free advice service, offering support and guidance for those seeking treatment options for alcohol misuse, in and around Edinburgh, UK.

In many cases, alcohol abuse has gotten out of control, while family members feel helpless as to what solutions are available to help the individual recover from the spiralling patterns of alcohol addiction.

Typically a serious event will happen, e.g. the individual will be admitted to hospital, an accident occurs, or perhaps a relationship breakup or issues concerning childcare.

No matter the specifics, usually a trigger will push an individual abusing alcohol, into the position where they believe they (finally) must seek help.

But what options for treatment are there?

Our private advice line experts listen to your situation and needs, and can advise on treatment options available.

Some of these will be privately funded, others not, depending on your needs and urgency for alcohol help.

We can provide a smooth onboarding in to the right care for you or a loved one, to recover from addiction, for good.

Is Alcohol Costing You Or A Loved One More Than Money?

With the right help, you can recover.

Typically, private clinics offer the fastest access to treatment, and have specialist staff on hand to assist with every stage of the process.

Usually a clinic will offer something similar to a 3 stage process, of Detox > Therapy > Aftercare....in order to provide the greatest chance of long term success.

Help IS Available

Our specialist advisers are available most times of the day and night to answer your questions about rehab treatment and find a suitable clinic placement for you or your loved one, in and around Edinburgh.

Initially we'll look to understand your needs, your current situation, and what has brought things to this point.

We can then advise on appropriate treatment options that meet your needs, for instance, clinic location, treatment duration, type of detox, speed of admission, and importantly, cost.

We'll then help facilitate any entry requirements to treatment, such as pre-admission assessment, medical requirements, and booking a place in the clinic.

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Call us now on 0131 510 3327 for free advice and we'll chat through the best treatment options for you. Most can have a confirmed booking around 15 minutes later. Help is available now.

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