What is Alcohol Detox?

If you or your loved one needs to join a rehab facility, we will help you find one that fits your budget and preferences.

The first process you will need to go through is detoxification as you set the stage for therapy and other treatment procedures.

We will also help you find a good alcohol detox clinic in & around Edinburgh.

Detox is short for detoxification. This is the process through which one is weaned of their dependence on alcohol.

If one is addicted to alcohol, it is ill-advised to stop ‘cold turkey.’ This is the term used to refer to discontinuing consumption all of a sudden.

After you has discontinued alcohol intake, about 6 to 24 hours after the last drink, you will start experiencing withdrawal symptoms.

Physical withdrawal symptoms include shaking (sometimes violently), sweating profusely and experiencing a rise or drastic drop in blood pressure.

There are mental withdrawal symptoms such as hallucinations and delusions.

This is why it is important to check into an Edinburgh alcohol detox clinic where these symptoms can be managed professionally.

Get Answers To Your Detox Questions:

Detox Plans

We can provide access to detox clinics in and around Edinburgh and match you to the most suitable centre.

These facilities offer different detox plans depending on the extent of your addiction and your home environment among other things.

For those who don’t have the needed support, inpatient detox plans are recommended.

This means a residential stay in a clinic, with a supervised detox.

For some people, the withdrawal symptoms are severe. It is therefore necessary to take medication in order to manage these symptoms.

This medication has to be prescribed by a doctor or other authorized and licensed medical professional, such as psychiatrist.

Your detox medication needs are usually tailored to you as an individual, and can depend on your history of alcohol usage, medical history (such as seizure history), cross-addiction issues, and other medical factors.

Before you can get a personalized detox plan, you first need an initial assessment.

This is conducted before you are admitted or before treatment begins.

Your history of alcohol and drug use is crucial at this point.

Other information such as your family history with substance abuse will also play a key role in structuring your treatment program.

The clinic where you may stay want to assure both you, and themselves, that you are a good fit, and that their facility is suitably equipped to look after you properly.

Detox in a clinic is usually prescribed by the clinical lead and overseen in administration by the clinic staff present on duty.

A good detox facility takes all these factors into consideration before recommending a specific course of action.

We can help you to identify a facility that is local, and suited to your needs.

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Questions To Ask

Ask the below questions when deciding what detox program is right for you:

- How long will detox take?
- Is my detox supervised?
- Will it be comfortable?
- What detox options are available for multi-substance abuse, i.e. alcohol and drugs (if appropriate)
- Can I take part in clinic activities while detoxing?
- Can I have visits from family or friends whilst detoxing?
- What will be my daily routine in the clinic during treatment?


Complex detox refers to multi substance abuse, i.e. detoxing from both alcohol and substance abuse simultaneously.

Whilst we can advise on possible options available, any detox, including multi-substance is decided upon by the medical team of the clinic responsible for your care.

Multi substance withdrawal and detoxification will always be subject to your unique intake and circumstances.

In most cases, multi substance detox is available, although it may alter the duration of treatment you require.

For specific details, re your personal situation, ring direct on 0131 510 3327.

Detox .v. Full Program

While short term detoxes are usually available, they're not normally recommended.

This is because a big part of recovering from addiction revolves around the 'emotional addiction' - the underlying psychological reasons someone turns back to a substance, repeatedly.

Without addressing these issues, remaining sober in the long run can be more difficult, as you encounter stressors in daily life.

After Detox

So, after completing alcohol detox, you need to think about alcohol rehab treatment.

Detox is only the first step in a longer road to recovery.

Therapy helps you to uncover and deconstruct the source of your alcohol dependence. It helps to identify your triggers, expose unhealthy addiction patterns and learn how to tackle these issues head-on. You can choose to have your detox and therapy at the same facility. This is usually recommended.

The first few days of detox are usually spent resting more than normal, thereafter, you wil be invited to begin taking part in the therapeutic program, in order to discover the underlying issues of the addiction, and help prevent future relapse.

Once you get in touch with us, we offer a free consultation and advice before helping you find a suitable facility.

We have a wide variety for you to choose from for your detox and treatment afterwards. Get in touch with us today and find the help you need.

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