​Edinburgh is a place that is so rich in history and culture. But nevertheless, it was able to keep up with the modern times. As such, there is no shortage of places to visit here, whether you are looking for a restaurant, ​places to shop, or a memorable tour.

Here, we are putting together a list of the things that you need to see, as not doing so will not make your visit to the lovely city a complete one.

​The Jacobite Experience with Hogwarts Express

​This tour can be taken for two days. But it is better to make it for three or five days.

In it, you will tour the Scottish Highlands and see locations specific to the Jacobite movement back in the 18th century. In the tour, you will visit the village of Dunkeld, and you will also go to the Cairngorm National Park to the Loch Ness.

With this tour, it is advised that you take an overnight stay at the Fort Augustus and continue it the following morning. From there, you will ride the Jacobite steam train, also referred to as the Hogwarts Express which was shown in the Harry Potter series.  

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​Edinburgh Castle Walking Tour

​This tour is all about going inside the Edinburgh Castle. It will take roughly an hour and a half to complete, with a guide that will discuss the important events that happened in this Scottish landmark.

The whole tour is a guided one, and you will learn about the history and the secrets of the castle. Expect your guide to have a perfect mix of history and fun.

One of the highlights of this tour is the One O'clock Salute from Half Moon Battery. It is a cannon fire that commemorates an old tradition to help ships in the sea to synchronise their clocks to the appropriate time. In this tour, you will also get a glimpse of the crown jewels found in the palace.


​Palace of Holyroodhouse and Holyrood Abbey

​This palace is the official residence of Scotland’s Queen in the city. Several kings were married and crowned here. At the tour, the guide will take you to see the Historic Apartments, which was formerly known as the home of Mary, Queen of Scots. However, you can only view it if the Queen is away.

You will also marvel at the collection of paintings here, and you will see many portraits of Scottish kings.

Holyrood House

The National Museum of Scotland

This museum is still fresh as it just opened in 2011. This one houses many of Edinburgh’s archaeological collections that encompass many subject matters that range from history, technology, arts, and sciences.  

The museum has gained traction in popularity, and you might find the place a little crowded. Every year, it entertains more than two million visitors who enjoy the sights of more than 8,000 artifacts. It is here that you will see the world’s cloned mammal, Dolly the Sheep, and other historical elements like Elton John’s stage costumes.

You will also get to see the Maiden, an old guillotine, and some ancient Egyptian artifacts.


The Royal Botanic Garden

This is one of the first botanical gardens in Britain, and it has a whopping 70 acres of plants. It has the country's largest palm house, and it also houses exotic breeds of orchids. Here, you will also see rare giant trees from different parts of the world. Specifically, these species are from The Himalayas, China, and North America.



​Plan your visit to Edinburgh accordingly and schedule your tours weeks ahead. It will be a good idea to view in the map where these tours are and try to plan the order of your visit to maximise your stay.

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